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Ancestors EP (n5MD, 2013)

"In December 2012, I spent two weeks going through and sorting out the photographs, notebooks and paper clippings found scattered in the drawers of my grandfather's desk that was left untouched since 1996. 'Ancestors' is a reconstruction of fragments, not concerned with the accuracy of images and moments but with opening up the flood of memory mechanics to imagination and transformation. This EP is not about the story of my ancestors as its title may suggest. What may sound as a nostalgic look into childhood, in 'Ancestors' takes the role of a playful escape from the actualities of "now". The five tracks of the album offer an exploration of texture and atmosphere while suggesting a muted diversion from a familiar sonic palette. Physical instruments merge with subtle electro-acoustic ambiances and the signature ethereal turbulences found in the sound of Dalot.


The music was composed between January-March 2013 and this time the process felt that it had to be "plural". Sebastien Froment (Cello), Izumi Suzuki (Vocals), Alexandr Vatagin (Cello), my partner Apostolos (Guitar) and my niece Marisa (Violin) all contributed wonderful ideas without which this EP would not have become complete. Bvdub, Dryft and Northcape cast their personal light to the memory pool of 'Ancestors' with three unique remixes on the title track. The colorful play with fragments of the past is also present in the artwork of the release made by Violetta Testacalda (HAIKUS 23) who beautifully incorporated two of my grandpa's original photographs into her hand-made tree shapes. 'Ancestors' is dedicated to my beloved family." - Maria Papadomanolaki


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