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Dalot - Leto (Time Released Sound, 2019)

"Leto" is a work about traveling and lost childhood. Travel as a form of journal keeping, of anticipating, of remembering (and fictionalizing), and as a metaphor for this loss of childhood. The 5 tracks were composed during a period of two months following the loss of Leto, and cover a range of geographical locations to mark lived places and moments. In a way, the music on this release is related to a certain process of grieving, of revisiting the same sound and place many times in order to retain memories, and of remembering to come to terms with the waves and fulgurations this process brings. It is therefore a work that celebrates life more than anything else. Who is Leto and what is the story behind the release? It is left to the listener to decipher.

Leto is  available in an extremely lovely, very limited edition cassette format package, in an edition of only 40 copies.

Each 5 track, frosted clear cassette comes nestled in a matchbox style, slipcase box. Each box is collaged and covered inside and out with pictures and unconsciously poetic texts from 100 year old children’s coloring and reading books, many hand colored by anonymous children of the day. The edges of each box have been hand rolled with silver clouds. Included in each is a beautifully hand printed, stamped and numbered insert. On the back of each box is a mysteriously abstracted sonogram. Each comes also with a small antique picture card of an animal or object.

Written, performed and produced by Dalot

Mastering Dalot & Thomas Dinas

Artwork and package design by Colin Herrick

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