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Loop Over Latitudes (2010, n5MD)

“Loop Over Latitudes” is Dalot's debut release for the n5MD imprint. The new album arrives on the heels of her recent EP “Flight Sessions” (CooRecords) as well as her appearance on Cloudcub's “Friendly Warning" album. The product of years of formal music education and a natural yen for field recordings, “Loop Over Latitudes” showcases Maria's remarkable skill at creating moments of lush ambience, emotion and texture by blending elements of phonography, electro-acoustic composition and minimal electronica with more traditional musical elements such as voice, guitar, glockenspiel and tablas. Once these sources are crafted into a cohesive sum, contrary moods often become complimentary to their polar opposites and songs often end in a completely different headspace than which they began.


Reviews: textura / headphone commute / cyclic defrost / diskant / textura / athensvoice / random webzine / [sic]magazine/ cooradio  / de:bug/



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